Tian Di Yuan Su Slots

One of the most enigmatic slots that you'll ever come across, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is a Real Time Gaming creation that really ratchets up the quality expected in the online casino gaming space - especially when it comes to making a visual impression. In addition to the colorful, elite graphics, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is also an Asian-themed (specifically, Chinese as in the Ancient Orient) slot, which always adds to the intrigue and draws virtual crowds from all four corners of the Earth.

As for the theme, Tian Di Yuan Su Slots refers to the so-called Gods of Nature, which are deities that used to be worshipped heavily before the Anglo-Saxon influence caused an ideological revolution in the vast lands of China. With 5 reels and 30 paylines, there's a lot to like about the sheer size of this one; there are many different ways to win - which is a feature that is especially important for the real money gamer. The cash and prizes that are available are quite competitive with other top slots; although there is apparently quite a bit of extra volatility with Tian Di Yuan Su the Gods of Nature - which is fitting for the inherently mercurial nature of the gods, themselves.

There is one unique difference in Tian Di Yuan Su Slots when compared to others; all of the 30 paylines are fixed and cannot be varied. This is actually the best option anyway, given that the more paylines you play, the greater the chances are that you luck into a higher tally, as well as access more ways to win. The beauty of this latter strategy is that you can actually still determine how much you spend by simply varying the coin denomination that you pick at the beginning of each game. The betting starts at a penny per line, and ends at 25 cents; this means that the max per game ranges from 30 cents to $7.50. As such, you cannot really lose much in this game - but you cannot win all that much if you're a highroller and prefer to play with large stakes. Of course, in the latter scenario, you can just play more frequently to make up the difference.

The top symbols, as is the case with nearly every slot, are the ones you want to pay attention to. They are, fittingly, the Gods of Nature, and start with what appears to be a Sun God similar to the Greek Helios. For five of a kind of the Chinese equivalent to Helios, you get 750 coins; for four of a kind, you can win 125 coins, for three of a kind, you get 25 coins and for three of a kind, the result is 2 coins. Next we have what looks to be a fire god - we'll just call him the Phoenix in Tian Di Yuan Su Slots. For five Phoenix symbols on at the same time, you win 1500 coins, for four of these symbols you win 250 coins, for three of these symbols you get 50 coins and for two of them you get 4 coins. The last of the high-paying symbols is a female goddess encircled with flames. She is not the goddess of the sun or anything; she's just powerful and so elicits the energetic rearrangement of electrons that defines what fire is. For five of a kind, she's worth 750 coins, for four of a kind she's worth 125 coins, for three of a kind you get 25 coins, and for two of a kind, you receive 2 coins.

The special symbols are the Wild and the Scatter. For the Helios Wild symbol, five of a kind returns an astounding result of 10,000 coins, four of a kind gets you a considerable 2500 coins, three of a kind gets you 250 coins, and two of a kind still gets you 10 coins. The Wild symbol substitutes for any other one except for the Scatter, and completes a winning payline (potentially) when it does so. It also doubles the amount of any prize money you win when it appears with other symbols. The Scatter symbol is worth 500 coins for a handful of them on the reels; 20 coins for four of a kind, 5 coins for three of a kind, and 2 coins for two of a kind. Any wins involving the Ice Queen Scatter symbol are multiplied by your total bet.

Tian Di Yuan Su Slots is a richly detailed game from RTG that has a lot going for it. To play for free, just hit the Instant Play button to begin. If you want to play for something at stake, and have a chance at the jackpot and prizes, then download the casino software and make a deposit.