Shadow Gods Slots

If you want a futuristic Egyptian themed game with everything that makes both genres great, then you’re going to love the next big thing from real time gaming. Featuring an art style that is out of this world and the Egyptian theme that is one of the most valuable in the slot machine world, they bring together many successful concepts here for something that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Real Time Gaming Goodness Back Again

Real time gaming is known for sky high production values, bonus features that keep things unique, and bringing together unusual art styles with themes you would not expect. For the most part, they are somewhat like the Pixar of slot machine games. They back the best software, have the best winnings, and are the most fun to play. It is no surprise then that they have another game that will blow your socks off. This is definitely one of their best, which is no surprise considering it’s also one of their newest.

The underlying bones of all real time gaming software is usually the same. That’s definitely not a bad thing, it makes it easy to immerse yourself in the experience. Pretty much all games are five reels, you can bet across a variety of lines that usually average around 25 (parentheses in this case being 20). And they have coin sizes that go as low or as high as you need. Add in a couple of impressive bonus rounds, and some pretty pictures to look at, and you could be describing pretty much any real time gaming title.

How it Plays

The most you can bet here is $20. This doesn’t mean you can’t win a lot, however. Giving their many generous multipliers, and bonus rounds, we imagine most people are going to be wagering quite a bit. In total, you can win up to whatever you put in there, with a fairly average volatility rating.

You are also able to bet across 50 lines in total, being one of the most innovative parts of this game. It gives you free spins alongside the bonus round as well, making it one you are not soon to forget. That is definitely not the most innovative feature about the game, however, which definitely has a lot to do with the way that it looks.

Great Theme

This game perfectly captures everything we all have come to love and enjoy about the ancient Egyptian theme, combining it with a somewhat blade runner type of work that makes it really stand out. We’ve seen all of those things operate independently from time to time, but never have we seen them come together in so noble a way. You really can’t tell that this is something that has recycled concepts from elsewhere. It’s very attractive, and exude style, making both of the familiar genres feel new.

One thing that we would change about the game of given a chance, however, is adding in some more of the lovely imagery that’s already present on the reels. The art style is to die for, and we feel some of it has been wasted on the Egyptian themed playing cards. Everything else looks so good that it feels somewhat lazy to even see the presented at all. We don’t hold that against them, as we are glad we at least got something, but it definitely stands out as something that could have made the game better.

This is also a game that is fairly dark. This is both literally, and figuratively. The theme itself is somewhat of a Gothic look at the genre for both of them. This is not necessarily bad, as we do like it as a breath of fresh air from all of the other wise bright and inviting games. If you’re not into things that are dark, serious, and somewhat mysterious, however, this probably isn’t going to be a good game for you. It definitely grows on you after a while no matter who you are, but it is not a game that is going to win any new fans if you’re not already a fan of the thematic tone.

Play for Free or Real Money

One thing this game offers, much like other real time gaming titles, is the ability to play it for free, or for real money. If you decide to play it for free, you will not be rewarded any real world money, instead of relying on and additional amount of points to see how well that you do. If you decide to play for real money, however, you can get really rich really fast! This game has a medium volatility, meaning that you will win fairly often relative to what you put into it. The overall winnings won’t be as high as a riskier slot, but they will come out more often, evening out in the short term.

With the amount of things that you can match, you will also be matching them a little more often than you would on higher volatility slots. This is because, although it would have been nice to get more fancy images, the few were there are, the more likely you are to match them. This is more than enough reason to give in with the somewhat lazy amount of images.

Another thing that we would like to point out about this game is that the animations and backgrounds look equally as well as everything else. Even the user interface looks very fitting, all of it somewhat moving and swaying in the wind with a very nice moon and pyramid behind it all. The graphics are somewhat low resolution, which is a shame. We know they easily could have made them more Hi-Res because that’s how the game itself was developed. They chose to keep things a little bit low res most likely because most people play these games on their phones. It would have been nicer to get some upscale graphics for higher resolution screens, however.


The bonus round here happened about as often as you would expect, and feature two varieties. One of them is not technically a bonus round, it’s just free spins being given out. This is fine, because this is what you often win for bonus rounds anyway, which is what really matters. The main bonus round happens when you match all of the different gods symbols all at once. Should this grace your reels, you will be given a chance to get many more spins and winnings in a very short period of time. It’s not the most fully featured bonus segment, but it works very well.

Overall, this is another wonderful title out of the wonderful folks at real time gaming. Being one of their latest additions to the slot machine world, it features a care and level of detail that you will not find it some of the earlier titles. The same tried and true gameplay will persist, however, leaving anyone that is a long time fan coming back to something familiar. If you are new to the series, or a jaded veteran of real time gaming, you will equally appreciate the game, and what it has to offer.