Santa Strikes Back! Slots

There’s an extra-special reality in regards to Real Time Gaming’s Santa Strikes Back Slots! – and that is, if you find this pokey palatable, then you’re in luck: it is the sequel to two other monstrously-popular slots in the RTG catalog. The names of these previous video games are Rudolph’s Revenge and Santa’s Surprise Attack. This one in particular has 5 reels and 25 paylines¬¬¬ to go with a wealth of interesting phenomena on the reels, telling a zany story of war in the North Pole. The reindeer are rebelling, and Santa and his elves must decide if the rebellion can be quenched. In terms of in-game attributes, you’ll run into free games/spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, a couple of bonus features and scatter symbols that fight to remain on the reels and rebuff the wild’s attempts to supplant its authority. Santa Strikes Back! Slots is the perfect holiday addition to the pervasive Christmas festivities taking place in your home starting in the months of late November and complete December.

For such a dominant holiday pokey, it shouldn’t surprise you that Santa Strikes Back! Slots is of the progressive persuasion. Although the entire slot is filled with instances of dark humor, the sheer size of the progressive jackpots is no laughing matter and an arguably very good reason to strongly consider playing for real money instead of tarrying in the free Flash mode for overlong. Santa Claus, himself, is the most valuable icon on the reels and when he drops his calling card (in the form of his own portrait as a symbol), then you should anticipate a shot at entering one of the special bonus features in the game.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has never been as much of a gangster as he is on this slot; his fearsome visage is enough to render all your childhood dreams of him into a frightening rendition of a horror film. He plays a significant role in forming winning combinations with monetary values in the stratosphere – but that fact is only of interest to the real cash players among you. This can only be accessed by downloading the gaming software from the online casino hosting Santa Strikes Back! Slots. If you opt not to download, then anything won will only manifest itself as ego-boosting virtual cash that never makes it to your bank account.

A Bit About Wagering In Santa Strikes Back! Slots

All 25 paylines in this progressive pokey are active at all times – you cannot vary them. You can, however, vary the coin denominations that can be associated with each payline. As such, then, you don’t have the usual two dimensions of change here; but the single dimension of coin swapping makes it possible to bet as much or as little as you want without unduly compromising your bank roll or betting strategy. Since the lowest possible wager is a penny, and there are 25 paylines, you can minimize your expenditures with a real money wager per game of just 25 cents. On the other hand, the highest possible wager is $5 per payline for a total game wager of $125.

What is a real life example of how these wagers work given the symbol combination payout values of the icons? Let us take the Rudolph the Reindeer icon as a test: the warring herbivore is worth 2000 coins when five of a kind appears on the game board. As for another symbol in the Missus Santa Claus (since when did women start taking the first name of their husbands, as well! We suppose things work differently on the North Pole), she gives you 1500 game coins when five of her show up at the same time. The magical Elf (aren’t they all?) icon pays you 1000 coins if it appears on the reels in a single multiple of five. As you play the game and peruse the paylines, you will also find that several of the more valuable symbols will even pay you when just two of a kind appear on the reels – instead of the average of three of a kind.

Bonus Icons and Bonus Features work in Tandem

Santa Strikes Back! has some really sizzling bonus icons, and we aim to investigate their properties for you before you start playing. The Santa Strikes Back! Wild icon is absolutely bonkers, and represents Santa Claus in all his bloodlust glory as a sword-wielding maniac. He can replace almost all of the other symbols in the game and will help you complete a winning combination if you are so lucky to get one to show up. The only symbols in the game that he cannot push out of the way are the two scatters. When the Santa substitute does appear, he can pay you between 10-1000 game credits even with just two of a kind on the reels. However if you are so incredibly lucky as to land five of a kind of the Santa Claus symbol on the reels in Santa Strikes Back! Slots, then you’re hit with the progressive jackpot.

The next symbol in the bonus icons section is of course the scatter; it is denoted with two symbols in fact since there are actually two scatters overall. The first one is known as the Victorious Claus and the second one is called the Victorious Reindeer; they duel ceaselessly and the Santa variant only needs two of a kind before it pays out. The Victorious Reindeer scatter icon, on the other hand, needs for there to be a minimum of three of a kind on the reels before it pays out. When five of a kind of either one lands, this is where the big bucks truly reside. For five Victorious Reindeer your payout amount is 100 times whatever you wagered in the real money game. For five of a kind of the Victorious Claus, your payout reward is 500 times your bet.

Now for the very first of the bonus feature sections: Insomnia Feature (so simply named, wouldn’t you agree?). It is triggered when you can get three or more of the Victorious Claus icons on the board at the same exact time on a single spin. With these three, you immediately win 7 free games. With a singlet multiplier of 1x, this ability can be retriggered. There are also a lot of cool graphical animations that activate when you win – such as the candy canes at the top of the screen lighting up brilliantly if one or more of these symbols show up once the spin in question has concluded. The stars will light up in order until all five of them that are there are shining as the noonday sun. Once the retriggered attribute activates, it will continue increasing the multiplier value from the initial 1x all the way up to game-changing 19x.

The second and final bonus feature is In Insomnia Slots is Rudolf’s Revenge (named, almost certainly not by accident, after the prequel pokey to this current slot). If you are lucky enough to trigger this feature, then right off the bat you will receive seven free games which are eligible to get doubled as the round plays out. There's a 2x multiplier, and you can hope to get even more multiplier attributes applied as you continue spinning the reels in this Revenge Feature. In fact, all it takes is landing a couple of Santa Claus symbols; if you managed to land two of them, then this will unlock a 4x multiplier.

Symbols, Symbols and More Symbols in Santa Strikes Back

The substitute symbol is Angry Santa in the appropriately-named Santa Strikes Back Slots; and five of a kind get you the games equivalent of game credits in the form of carrot sticks – these are equal to gold coins in a one-to-one ratio. With that said, five Angry Santa icons unleash the Jackpot into your casino account in this progressive Pokey. For four of a kind of the Angry Santa symbol you win 1000 carrot sticks; three of a kind of the Angry Santa gets you 100 carrot sticks, and two Angry Santa symbols pays you 10 carrot sticks. You know the drill... Drumroll please: the Angry Santa wild symbol substitutes for almost all other icons on the game board save the scattered Victorious Santa and the scattered Victoria cast Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer symbol. In reference to the symbols, the Victorious Santa get you 500 carrot sticks for five of a kind on the reels; or it get you 20 carrot sticks for four of a kind, 3 carrot sticks for three of a kind and 2 carrot sticks for two of a kind. Think of the carrot sticks as the number by which the variable x is multiplied – where x = real money wager. The second scatter symbol, the Victorious Rudolph get you 100 carrot sticks for five of a kind on the reels, 10 carrot sticks for four of a kind and 2 carrots sticks if two Victorious Rudolph scatter icons show up.

On the game board the characters begin with a Defeated Rudolph, who has borne the brunt of Santa Claus's wrath. Nonetheless, he can still be a valuable symbol for the real money gamer – that's why five of a kind of Defeated Rudolph get you 2000 carrot sticks; and four of a kind of Defeated Rudolph is worth 500 carrot sticks, and three of a kind of Defeated Rudolph icon pays you 50 carrot sticks, with two Defeated Rudolph symbols garnering you 5 carrot sticks. Sitting there smiling and reading a Redbook like the dolt that she is, five of the Mrs. Santa icon pays you 1500 carrot sticks. For four of a kind of the Mrs. Santa icon you win 250 carrot sticks, three of a kind of the Mrs. Santa symbol pays you 25 carrot sticks and two Mrs. Santa symbols pay you 3 carrot sticks. You never seen such mean-looking Elves as you will see in Santa Strikes Back Slots. For five of a kind of the Voodoo Elf (he is, after all, holding up a pin doll of Rudolph the red nose reindeer), he has 1000 carrot sticks to the Liberty; for four of a kind of the Voodoo Elf you win 125 carrot sticks, three of a kind of the Voodoo Elf icon pays you 15 carrot sticks, and two of a kind pays you 2 sticks.

It's always nice to see a batch of symbols consisting of three separate characters worth the same amount; this makes it much easier for the real cash player to keep his chips in order. There's two gift baskets field with presents, as well as a Freezing Elf symbol; five of a kind of either pays you 500 carrot sticks, whereas four of a kind pays you 100 carrot sticks and three of a kind pays you 10 carrot sticks. Also bunched together in triplets we have the Queen, King and the Ace poker symbols; five of a kind of them pays you 250 carrot sticks, for four of the poker card top symbols you win 40 carrot sticks, and three of a kind patient 5 carrot sticks. The lower amounts are occupied by the Joker, 10 and 9 poker card symbols; five of a kind of which are worth 200 carrot sticks, four of a kind of which get you 25 carrot sticks, and three of a kind worth 5 carrot sticks. While to download to fully help Santa Claus get his revenge on his mutinous help-squad. Download Santa Strikes Back Slots at your earliest convenience.