Spring Wilds Slots

Spring Wilds Slots
Spring Wilds Slots is your run-of-the-mill top slot from RTG; it has the average five reels and 25 pay lines that define a pokey that on the large side. The animations are elites, and the general art style is very cute and hard to tear your eyes away from. You can play for free using the Flash mode on a supported browser and mobile device; if you wish to play for real money opportunities, then you have to download the casino software. Once you create an account, you will receive a Welcome Bonus to start you off on the right foot.

This game has wild symbols and scatter symbols as well as a bonus symbol that really at to the possibility of the wins. The pastel colors are really engrossing and serve to draw you in as you try and use a special bonus symbols to unlock features and free games. There's an autoplay function too, in case you want to sit back some and relax while gaming the night away. The top payout can offer an incredible 50,000 x the wagering line; this doesn't even count the multiple bonus feature second deliver more numerous, smaller wins within the same game. You can keep all 25 pay lines active if you wish, or you can vary them according to your bankroll.

Late Season Bonus Icons From Spring Wilds Slots

Appropriately, we will first check out what the Wild special bonus symbol in the titular slot can provide for the online casino gamers – whether you choose to play for free, or opt for the download version that requires a deposit and casino account creation. The Spring Wilds substitute symbol is denoted with a topaz-blue square plaque with the word "Wild" emblazoned in cascading gold color. It's function is to substitute for nearly any other symbol in the game to help finish the requirements for a payout according to the pay table for that particular allotment of symbols. The Wild icon shows up only on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels in the game. The only symbols that it cannot replace are the Scatter icon and the Bonus icon.

The Scatter symbol in the game is represented by a colorful blowtorch exhaust fumes. It has payouts associated with it, with the only difference being that they are multiples of the wager you made at the start of the real money round of play. If you land five of a kind of the scattered exhaust colored fumes symbol, then your reward is 25x. If you land for of a kind of the exhaust colored fumes symbol then you win 10x; lastly for the minimum allowed number of three scattered exhaust colored plumes, your prize is just 1x – basically, you simply get your wager back so no harm no foul. Additionally, five scatter symbols also lead to 20 free spins being activated in the present game; for scattered exhaust plumes get you 15 free spins, and three scattered exhaust plumes symbols are worth 10 free spins.

The last special symbol in the game is the rainbow-hued Bonus symbol; it is just the Spring Wilds nom de plume written in rainbow colored letters. It's this symbol can appear all throughout the game board, unleashing various payouts in the form of gold coins. Six Bonus symbols get you just six gold coins; seven bonus symbols are worth 10 gold coins; H Spring Wilds Bonus symbols get you 20 gold coins; nine bonus symbols are worth 25 gold coins; two fistfuls of Spring Wilds Bonus icons deliver 40 gold coins into your bank account; 11 bonus symbols are worth 60 gold coins; 12 bonus icons are worth 80 gold coins; 13 bonus symbols get you 100 gold coins; 14 bonus symbols deliver a worthwhile 200 gold coins; and lastly 15 Spring Wilds rainbow-hued Bonus symbols are worth a game board-rattling 400 gold coins. In the next section we will go through the symbol combination payouts associated with the cute little critters that form the symbols on the reels.

Pre-Summer Payouts From Spring Wilds Slots

You will never see a cuter chocolate puppy than the one that takes the place as the very first symbol in Spring Wilds Slots. Indeed, if five of a kind of the chocolate puppy symbol appear simultaneously, then the overload of cuteness might even supersede the 800 game credit reward that is attendant with this brood. Four chocolate colored puppy symbols result in a startling 100 game credit win, and three chocolate -colored cute puppies still get you a considerable 25 game credits with which to play more games or pocket in your casino account. Coming in second place as the next-highest paying symbol is the cute Porky the pig icon; five unmistakably pink Porky the pig icons are worth 750 game credits; for hot pink Porky the pig symbols get you 50 game credits, and three of a kind of the hot pink Porky pig symbol gets you 25 game credits.

Here we have two cute animals symbols, which we will go through one by one to simplify the revelation. The first of these is a wary sheep with a Royal purple background symbol; five wary sheep symbols are worth 150 game credits in Spring Wilds pokey; for of a kind of the wary sheep with Royal purple background symbol get you 35 game credits, and three Royal sheep with purple background symbols are worth 10 game credits. The final character symbol in the game is a baby chicken bird with a bright yellow plume. If you land five of a kind of the baby chicken bird with bright yellow plume symbols you win 100 game credits; for of a kind of the baby chicken bird with bright yellow plume is worth 30 game credits, and three of a kind of the bright yellow baby chicken bird symbol get you 10 game credits.

Here come the poker suits always coming in last! The first two are the King and the Ace; five of a kind of the King or the Ace suits are worth 75 game credits; four of a kind of the King or the Ace poker suits are worth 25 game credits, and three of a kind of the King or the Ace poker suits get you 5 game credits. The next set includes the Queen and the Jack poker suits; five of a kind of either the Jack or the Queen suits are worth 50 game credits; four Jack poker suits or four Queen poker suits are worth 15 game credits, and three of a kind of either the Jack jacket or the Queen jacket get you five game credits. Rounding out the bunch are the 10 and 9; five of either is worth 30 game credits; four of either get you 10 game credits, and three of 10 or three of 9 get you 5 game credits.