Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

The recent release of Insomnia Slots in March of the year 2021 has shown that master casino games maker Real Time Gaming has seen no slowdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. Clearly, the software games engineers are still hard at work satiating the desires of their valued consumer base. This is a high variance pokey that uses top-notch technology to bring you a smooth experience and virtually magical graphics. The theme is all about Irish lore, as can be seen by the leprechauns, fairies, magic mushrooms and more that dominate the reels as character symbols.

As for the game details, there's no obligation to spend the money just to enjoy what Insomnia Slots has to offer. You can play on your Apple iOS or Google android device if it's mobile; or your Windows device if it's a desktop workstation or traditional laptop (ultra books and Chrome books are considered mobile devices in most instances since they can run mobile software). With any of these, you can play for free using the Adobe Flash application to quickly and smoothly run the game. For real money opportunities, you are compelled to download the casino software from your online casino of choice as long as it hosts games from the Real Time Gaming library. Once you download, a prompt will allow you to create an account see the Welcome Bonus with which to begin experiencing Insomnia in the much more exhilarating cash and prizes mode.

As for the payouts, here's a short little introduction or summary of what could be in store for you if you get lucky: there's a jackpot with a top payout of 1440x your wager, with x being said wager. The minimum amount that you can bet in the game is 0.40 cents, or 0.40 pounds if you're playing from Europe. The maximum amount you can wager is $20 and there are 720 pay lines available with which to do so. As for what you're waging for, keep in mind that this is a Progressive Jackpot slot with three total levels. The first one is the Many Jackpot, which is worth under $100. The second Progressive Jackpot is the Minor Jackpot, which is worth up to $1000; and the third and final Progressive Jackpot in Insomnia Slots is the appropriately-named Major Progressive Jackpot which can get you up to $10,000 depending on your wager x. To improve the potential that you win big even more is the Slippery Wild Feature that can unlock quite a few additional rewards. As if this wasn't enough, there's also the Pick Bonus Feature that is activated when you get three of a kind of the scattered Cauldron of Gold Coins icon; it can deliver a total of up to 15 free spins as well as instant prizes totaling 50x your bet.

Insomnia Slots Double Bonus Icons

Well what do you know? Insomnia Slots just so happens to have Irish luck on its side - well at least the emblems that are indicative of Irish or Celtic mythology, anyway. The first of the bonus symbols is the Glittering Lucky Clover icon, which is emblazoned with lush green and vibrant gold. When it appears on the reels, you should be very happy as it makes a substitution for all other game symbols except the scatter. All by itself, if five of a kind of the vibrant gold and lush green Glittering Lucky Clover substitute symbol appears, then your payout is 1500 game coins; if four Glittering Lucky Clover Wilds appear then your reward is 800 game coins. The list goes on with three of a kind of the Glittering Lucky Clover symbol, which delivers a 600 game coins payout in both the Flash free version and the download pay version (just keep in mind that in the free version the 600 game coins are digital money that is of no profit in the real world).

As for the substitute symbol-rebuffing scatter icon, it is the proverbial cauldron at rainbows' end. The gold coins filling get to the brim are jingling all about and threatening to escape the part because there are so many coins inside. If you managed to land three of the Cauldron of Coins scatter symbol in Insomnia Slots, then you win 3x whatever you wagered in the real money version of this Pokey. If you instead managed to land two of a kind of the Cauldron of Gold Coins scatter symbol then your prize is 2x - where x represents your bet. Additionally, the scatter symbol is also known for triggering the special sections of the game that can lead to many more prizes. In particular, three of a kind of the Cauldron of Gold Coins scatter symbol will trigger the Instant Prizes round as well as the Pick Bonus Feature, and several free spins.

Mythological Character Symbols in Insomnia Slots

The initial symbol after the bonus icons is a Red haired Gremlin that looks suspiciously like a leprechaun. If five of a kind of the Red haired gremlin symbols appears on the reels at the same time, your prize is 1200 coins; if four of a kind of the Red haired gremlin icon appears then you win 150 coins in the game, and the final payout for this particular symbol of the Red hair Gremlin delivers a 50 coin reward. The next symbol is the Dancing Green Spirit icon; for five of a kind of this magical Sprite appearing is symbols on the reels you win or hundred coins. If you land for of a kind of the Dancing Green Spirit icon on the reels at the same time then you receive 120 coins, and for the final paying combination of three Dancing Green Spirit symbols you win 40 coins.

A vibrantly colored purple symbol is next, and it takes the form of a Violet Flying Spirit from the mythological Irish nether realms. This unmistakably Royal symbol, for five of a kind on the reels, garners you a 250 coin prize. If you are lucky enough to land for of a kind of the Violet Flying Spirit symbol on the reels you win 60 coins, and three Violet Flying Spirit symbols are worth 25 coins delivered right into your bank account as a result of the real money game. A kindred spirit is the Flame goddess symbol, which for five of a kind delivers a 125 coin payout on the pay lines. If you receive four of a kind of the Flame Goddess icons in a row you win 40 coins, and three Flaming Goddess symbols are worth a 20 coin payout.

Up next is the metallic rainbow symbol that ends in a wash of pristine gold: five of a kind of this metallic rainbow icon is worth 100 coins, whereas for metallic rainbow symbols get you 30 coins, and three metallic rainbow symbols are worth 15 coins. In the same tier of symbol values we have the pyrite horseshoe icon which, for five pyrite horseshoe symbols on the reels the prize is 80 coins; if you land for of the pyrite horseshoe icons on the reels you win 20 coins, and three pyrite horseshoe symbols are worth 10 coins as a payout. The ending symbols are the red heart, the blue spades, the green clover, and the indigo diamond; they are all worth the same amounts depending on the symbol combinations. If five of a kind of any of the aforementioned symbols land on the reels simultaneously, your prize is 40 coins; if instead four of a kind of the aforementioned symbols show up then your payout is 15 coins, and three of the symbols delivers a 5 coin reward. Download Insomnia Slots at your earliest convenience if you want a romp through the magical Irish Woodlands - courtesy of none other than Real Time Gaming.