Medal Tally Slots

When it is time to tally up the medals, there's no better pokey to try your hand at than Real Time Gaming's Medal Tally Slots, which boasts a healthy 5 reels and 25 paylines over which to shoot your shot in the interest of lucky casino gaming. More than merely about the medals, this pokey is about sports competition - in particular, the kind that takes place on the race track and i thus especially prone to gambling. The primary difference here is that everything takes place in the virtual realm, where you needn't worry about catching COVID-19 from spectators that refuse to wear their masks. Furthermore, your winnings are delivered automatically on the pay reels if you're lucky enough to win, and also if you opted to download the casino software and make a deposit instead of playing the no-obligation free mode in your Flash browser that doesn't require any deposit. RTGs Medal Tally is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari for your desktops and mobile tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks.

One of the first things that you will notice (may notice, actually, since that statement is quite subjective) is that there are many sports in the background theme, including horseracing, car racing, competitive swimming, running and others. There are numerous fans in the stands, and this fact can make you quite nostalgic about the days when coronavirus restrictions weren't (more or less) keeping people from congregating. In keeping with the background template and images, many of the actual symbols on the reels include cyclists, swimming champions, sprinters and more, You should not be too surprised to find the poker card icons or suits also making their usual appearance as the low-paying icons. They, appropriately, are adorned with golden leaves after the fashion of the Ancient Greeks and their competition laurels. These symbols are the Ace, King, Queen, Joker or Jack (whichever you prefer), 10 and 9.

As is often how happens with these kind of reviews, we will only whet your appetite with the bonus symbols for the time being, before delving into their attributes fully in a dedicated sub-section. The wild icon, also employed as the substitution symbol, is electroplated in bronze, silver and gold hues, whereas the scatter symbol (which, you will find, is your entry way into the Free Spins Features) is intertwined with an olive branch wreath to signify victory (your own, if you line up at least three scatters during any normal round of play). Thereafter, you can come into either 10, 15 or up to 20 free games. These boosts really help, because if you can corral 50 medals in total during the operation of the free spins round, then the game unlocks the Progressive Jackpot that has been slowly building up its value with every wagered spin.

Lastly, any and all gifts you win during the operation of the free spins round are tripled in value, which is where you see the abilities of the scatter symbol really shine. Furthermore, the medals that do show up during the round will continue to increase and compound (almost like interest) until they end up delivering to you a serious prize at the conclusion of the special bonus feature.

Medal Tally Game Rules and Wagering

It's difficult not to get lost in the excitement of playing such a sports-competitive pokey; but try as you might, you cannot help but be drawn in. It even gets more fun when you download in order to unlock the games full potential. You would find that many of the prizes have no equal in other online casino slots - and that is by design, since this is more akin to a Sportsbook-type of slot than most other. To top it all off, there's a random progressive that can be won at any point in time - no matter how you have fared thus far in the game. The betting amount is fixed at $1, and spread out over a solid 25 paylines. This means you only need to wager a small amount per payline. Near the top of the gameboard, you will see your account details to let you know how the game is doing thus far, as well as how your committed finances are faring.

The bar for winning is relatively low here, which means that all it takes is two of a kind of any of the regular icons in order for you to gather up a payout of some form. The most valuable is the sprinter, and then the bicyclist, competitive swimmer, baseball stadium and horse before getting to the poker card icons. In addition to this pretty standard method of paying out wins, you are subject to bonus prizes aside from the jackpot. For example, if you land 50 medals, then the progressie jackpot is yours to keep. If instead you land anywhere from 45-49 medals during the free spins bonus round, then you win 1000x (where x is your wagered amount). Winning between 40-44 medals delivers a prize of 500x, whereas a medal tally (ding-ding-ding!!) of between 35-39 guarantees a prize of 250x. Going on down the list, accumulating between 30-34 medals means you also take home 100x, and 25-29 medals mean you win a prize of 50x.We're nearly there: 15-19 medals gives you access to a prize worth 20x, whereas 10-14 medals means you win 10x. The final two are as follows: accumulating 5-9 medals in Medal Tally slots fills your pockets with 8x your bet, and winning 0-4 medals gets you 5x.

There is a Progressive Jackpot in Medal Tally Slots, and it is eligible to be one when at least 50 prize medallions are gathered while playing one of the bonus features in the game. The value of this Progressive Jackpot is summed up with any other wins that you may have accumulated as a result of symbol combination payouts, and free games opportunities. If you're the laid-back type of player, then you can switch on the Auto Play function located in the "Options" menu, which will allow you to input your desired gaming parameters. You can pick, many auto play rounds you wish to continue, and can stop it at any point in time by pressing the titular button.

Medal Tally Slots' Medley of Symbol Combinations and Payouts

Medal Tally Slots substitute and scatter symbols are all inextricably intertwined with the sporting theme that runs rampant throughout the game board. The first of these bonus icons is the Prize Wild symbol which takes the form of a Gold-medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal - just like you'd find the athletes been recompensed at the Olympics. This triple metal makes a substitution for any other symbol in the game save for the Medal Tally Feature symbol with the famous green Laurel reef from Greek mythology. If you are lucky enough to land five of a kind of the wild symbol in the game, you are rewarded with a huge, life-changing 10,000 gold coins. If instead you land for of a kind of the wild symbol, then your prize becomes a steel-impressive 1500 gold coins; for three of a kind of the metal tally you win 200 gold coins, and for two of a kind your prize is 10 gold coins. The Medal Tally Feature is the scatter symbol, and it delivers free games depending on how many lineup on the reels. For five of a kind of the Medal Tally Feature scatter symbol, your prize is 20 Free Spins; for four of a kind of the Medal Tally Feature scatter icon landing anywhere on the reels in either the left to right or right to left directions, your prize is 15 Free Spins; lastly landing three of a kind of the Medal Tally Feature symbol get you 10 Free Spins. That's a whole heck of a lot of free games available!

The top regular character symbol in the game is the track and field superstar icon; five of a kind of the track and field superstar symbol pays 5000 gold coins in Medal Tally Slots; for four of a kind of the track and field superstar icon you win 800 gold coins, three track and field superstar symbols pays you 50 gold coins, and two track and field superstar symbols are worth a handful of gold coins. The champion bicyclist symbol is next in line insofar as value is concerned; five of a kind pays the gamer 2000 gold coins, for four of the champion bicyclist symbol your payout reward is 400 gold coins, three of a kind of the champion bicyclist in Medal Tally Slots pays you 25 gold coins, and two of a kind of the champion cyclist is worth once again, a handful of coins.

We have come to the grouped symbols that seem to appear in every video slot these days, and Medal Tally is no different. We have a synchronized swimmer symbol, as well as a soaring Stadium picture; both of these, for five of a kind of each, are worth a 1500 gold coin payout. If instead you land four of a kind of either the synchronized swimmer or the soaring Stadium icon your payout becomes 200 gold coins, and three of a kind of the soaring Stadium or the synchronized swimmer symbol pays you 15 gold coins.

The end of this review is bounded by the poker card jacket symbols - starting with the Ace and the King. Five of a kind of the chief poker card symbols get you 800 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Ace or the King symbol you win 100 gold coins, and for three of a kind of the chief poker symbol jackets you win 10 gold coins. The second in command poker card jackets includes the Queen and the Jack; five of a kind of these pays you 400 gold coins, whereas for four of a kind of the second-in-command poker card jackets your prize becomes 50 gold coins, and for three of a kind you win 5 gold coins. Then there's the peasants poker card jackets which are simply numerals: the 10 and the 9; five of a kind of these pays you 200 gold coins, for four of a kind of the 9 in the 10 you win 25 gold coins, and for three of a kind of the 10 and 9 symbols you win 5 gold coins. Download Medal Tally Slots now and make a deposit in order to play for real money chances.