Dream Run Slots

If you've watched any of the Fast and Furious movies as I have, you will instantly understand what Dream Run Slots is all about. This is a racing theme-based slot. While it does play a major role in the aforementioned movies, this slot game is more about illegal racing. However, this slot game has so many special features; you will no doubt want to play this slot game in a hurry.

Game Facts

Dream Run is a 5-reel, 25-payline progressive bonus video slot. The coin sizes range from 25 cents to $25, with a max bet of $25 per spin. This slot consists of the following: Mini and Major Jackpots; Balance, Bet and Win boxes at the Top of the slot; Auto Play, Bet, and Spin at the bottom of the slot; and a very new feature that you will really enjoy. At the top right corner of the slot game, There a Racer and Talley, the former records how many racers there are, and the latter records the number of wins. Directly under this is the Instant Trigger Chance. The Play sign will light up and a new screen will appear in which you will be given a percentage of how much you can win. There is a huge dial with reds and one green light. If the pointer lands on the only green light on the dial, you win. If not, this feature ends and you are returned to the regular game. I strongly advise you to read the pay table as it contains many features, including the red light green light Nitro Racing feature. It also contains the rules of the game as well as an explanation for the progressive jackpots.

Substitutes and Scatter

Lately we have seen the "wild" referred to as a substitute. This game is no exception. The Racer is the substitute and he will only appear on reel 1. He will substitute for all other symbols except the scatter. You will win triple your bet when the racer appears in a winning combination. The second substitute is the Opponent. He will appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. He will also substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol to form winning combinations. The scatter symbol is three lights: white, red, and green. When two or more scatter symbols appear, each will turn either red or green. You will win only when you get two or more Green lights. Get all five green lights to win 100xs your bet.

Ready, Steady. Go!

The symbols in Dream Run Slots consists of the following: a blonde woman who holds the checkered flag, a steering wheel, a tire, a gun, a Nitro button and the Speed dial, and cards ace through nine. If any of these symbols appear in a winning combination with the substitute Racer, your win will be tripled. Thus, the highest paying symbol is the Blonde. Get all five of her symbol along with the Racer to win 7500 coins.

Dream Run Racing Feature

When you get three or more green lights, the Dream Run Racing Feature will commence. You will asked to select from 5 street cars that are revealed in a new screen. The cars will then begin the race. 25, 20, 15, 10, or 5 free spins will be awarded for first to 5th place winners. If the car you selected comes in lst, 2nd, or 3rd, another race will begin. 100, 25, 15, 10, or 5 times your trigger bet will be award in this second race for lst to 5th place, respectively. If your car comes in 1st or 2nd, another race will begin. This will be the 3rd race.

Race Three Results

A free spins prize multiplier of 7xs, 6xs, 5xs, 4xs, or 3xs will be awarded in the third race for 1st to 5th place winners. All prizes are doubled during the free spins round even if there is no third race. The Racer will appear grouped during the free spins round. Any 3 or more Green Lights that appear during the free spins round will add an additional 10 free spins to the current feature only.

Nitro Racing Feature

Racers that appear during the normal game will be added to the Racer Tally, appearing at the top right of the slot machine. Once 10 racers have been accumulated, the Nitro Racing Feature will be activated. You will be asked once again to select 5 cars that are shown and are ready to race. The same rules apply for the aforementioned races except in the Nitro Racing Feature there will be a 4th race. The Major Jackpot will be won if the player's car wins the 4th race. If, however, the player's car loses the 4th race, the Mini Jackpot will be won. The same rules apply in this feature with one exception. The Nitro Racing wins will be multiplied by 25xs the average bet per line.

The Instant Trigger Chance

This is another really special feature in this game. As the player, you will have a chance to trigger the Nitro Racing feature if at any time at least 1 racer has been accumulated. As more Racers are added to the Racer number at the top of the slot machine, the Percentage goes up. You can read more about this exciting feature in the pay table. This is a great feature!

Play Dream Run Slots

Although I am not a racing fan per se, I do love the Fast and Furious movie action. If you do as well, I invite you to play Dream Run Slots at our recommended casinos.