Rushmore Riches Slots

Rushmore Riches Slots

Insofar as game themes go, there are few that can claim to be as patriotic as Real Time Gaming's Mount Rushmore Slots. It boasts of American pride to the very mountaintops, as the so-called Founding Fathers of the Republic (which would later be erroneously touted as a democracy, which most of them actually despised in favor a republic), denoting with much pomp and circumstance the Masonic underpinnings of American society. But all of that might be too heavy for most, when all you really want to do is understand what's in store for you when you play this pokey. In the present times, however, given the reality of Donald Trump and then Joe Biden occupying the most powerful office in the land (and some say the world - but they'd be wrong; the most powerful office in the world is actually somewhere inside of the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

Right away, you cannot help but notice the huge visages of the four greatest Presidents in American History; none of whom were actually good human beings since each of them owned Israelite slaves. Despite that, they are certainly memorable for establishing what American would come to be known as around the world - a Superpower nonpareil. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this slot is surely big enough that you can feel confident about the existence of many possible winning combinations. Even better, Rushmore Riches Slots is of the Progressive variety, which means there's a jackpot inside that just keeps increasing in size with the addition of real money gamers. Once it reaches a certain height, it is delivered randomly to the lucky winner. You can bet a penny or up to $5, in increments. The maximum possible wager stands at $125, and even if you win the biggest or smallest symbol combination payout, you can still win the progressive jackpot at the end of that spin.

Rushmore Riches Special Bonus Feature Rounds

Get ready for some seriously valuable for prodigious bonus symbols! This game is filled to the brim with them, and the Fourth of July party begins with four different substitute symbols. These include none other than the president who apparently could not tell a lie in President Abraham Lincoln, and then moves on to President Thomas Jefferson, before skating along the rim of the Rushmore Riches slots game board to find you yet a third Wild symbol in President George Washington and finally with the wartime President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt. Every single one of these wild symbols can make a substitution to help the player out - as long as the symbol for which it is substituting is not the scatter. This scatter is none other than the famous slab of mountain known as Mount Rushmore. It is perhaps fitting that this appears in the Bible, in the Book of Malachi where the Lord of Hosts decrees against Edom: They will build; but I will throw down - and they will be called the Border of Wickedness, and the people against which the most High hath indignation forever."

But back to the game, itself: Mount Rushmore scatter does not allow any of the four Wilds to supplant it, and thus it is able to exude some wonderful benefits to the player. These include endowing you with free spins if at least two of a kind scatter all over the reels, and it can also whisk you to the bonus feature sub-games in Rushmore Riches Slots. As you will come to see, many of the other symbols in the game are quite patriotic and thus indicative of the American public - such as the American flag, dollar bills, digital and analog cameras and the poker card icons from the Ace to the numerals 10 and 9.

The first of the bonus rounds is the entitled the Rushmore Bonus Feature, and it is activated when you land at least three of a kind of the eponymous scatter symbol. A new screen will pop up to replace the original one, whereupon you will be presented with a row of Presidents from which to choose (and yes, they are the one ensconced in the wild symbols). Whichever one you pick will reveal free spins; each has a different number of these and so it is a sub-game of chance within this larger game of chance known as Rushmore Riches Slots. After your initial choice, you will then be presented with the option to make a second choice that will unlock a certain multiplier symbol ranging from 1 to 5 (that would be the factor that is multiplied by your wager, x). At the very most, it is possible to gather an amazing 25 free spins if you are endowed with the 5x multiplier gift.

Getting a little bit more in-depth with the Mount Rushmore Special Pick Bonus Feature, we now enter the red and gold zone and reveal that this feature is triggered when you activate or land a minimum of three scatter symbols (represented, once again, by the titular Game Logos) anywhere on the reels present on the game board during a regular round of play. This present you with several options, from which you are to choose one of the Founding Fathers in their presidential for; whichever you choose has behind it the number of free spins you win - which can be either 5 free games, 7 free games, 10 free games, 15 free games or even up to 25 free games. Additionally, since this is a scatter-derived attribute, whatever free games you win are attended by the option to choose yet another Pres., from which you will receive a multiplier totaling either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. The seal of approval is gold and red, with the R insignia acting as the presidential sigil. Any free game has to be played at the pay lines when you make your bet to trigger the paying version of this Pokey.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Progressive Jackpot is eligible to be won at the end of any game that you're currently playing; since it is activated at random, it can be quite the boon if you're game isn't going so well thus far. Even better, the Progressive is additive along with any other symbol combination payout wins that you get. Keeping in line with the Return to Player value and the Hit Frequency, the contribution that the progressive jackpot makes will never be greater than 1.5%.

Symbol Combos from the Makeshift Mountaintop

There's a quadruple substitute set of symbols in Rushmore Riches Slots; these are Pres. George Washington, Pres. Thomas Jefferson, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, and the President who presumably never told a lie - Abraham Lincoln. Pres. Washington shows up as a group substitute symbol on the second reel, whereas Pres. Thomas Jefferson shows up is the grouped substitute symbol on the third reel, Pres. Teddy Roosevelt appears on the fourth reel is yet another group wild, and last but not least Pres. Abraham Lincoln is a group wild on the fifth reel. Every single one of them can make a substitution for the other symbols on the reels, except for the scattered Mount Rushmore game logo. Speaking of which, the scattered Mount Rushmore Game logo gets you 100x your wager x for five of a kind appearing simultaneously; or the scatter symbol gets you 10x your wager for four of a kind, or lastly 2x for three of a kind scattering all around the reels.

Not surprisingly, the first major symbol is none other than Mount Rushmore itself; with all of the major presence mind up like some kind of pagan ode to the gods of yesteryear.. Five of a kind of the Mountain Rushmore symbol is worth 5000 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Mountain Rushmore symbol you win 500 gold coins, three of a kind of the Mountain Rushmore symbol get you 100 gold coins, two Mountain Rushmores are worth 5 gold coins, and even if you land just a single Mountain Rushmore icon you still win 2 gold coins. The next icon is the United States flag - also known as the Star-Spangled Banner. For five of a kind of the Star-Spangled Banner serving as a symbol on the reels, your payout is 1250 gold coins; for four of a kind of the United States Flag symbol you win 250 gold coins; for three of a kind of the Star-Spangled Banner icon you win 50 gold coins, and for two Star-Spangled Banners your payout is 5 gold coins. The symbol coming up after this one is a diamond encrusted gold dollars signal; five of a kind of this pays you 1000 gold coins; for four of a kind of the diamond encrusted gold dollars signal you win 100 gold coins, three of a kind of the diamond encrusted gold dollars signal get you 25 gold coins, and two of these jeweled emblems are worth 5 gold coins. Concluding the character symbols in Rushmore Riches Slots is a collection of two symbols that are worth the same - the Phonograph and the Purple Constitution icons. For five of a kind these icons pay you 500 gold coins; for four of a kind of either the Phonograph or the Purple Constitution icon you win 75 gold coins, and for three of a kind your prize is 15 gold coins.

The low hanging fruit symbols or, as usual, from the table game poker. We start with both the Ace and the King; five of each pays you 200 gold coins, and for four of each you win 25 gold coins, with three of either paying you 10 gold coins. The usual progression leads next to the Queen and the Joker card decks; five of a kind of which pays you 125 gold coins, and for four of either your prize is 20 gold coins, with three of a kind delivering 5 gold coins. Then comes 10 and the 9 - each one, for five of a kind, pays you 100 gold coins; four of either pays you 15 gold coins and three of the 10 or 9 is worth 5 gold coins. You will not regret your decision to try your hand at Rushmore Riches Slots - it is one of Real Time Gaming's best today.