PayDirt! Slots

It was nearly a century ago that gold mining was all the rage; back then, fortunes were made and lost - often in the space of a single day as spelunkers from all over the world made their way to San Francisco, California to pan for gold. This was right around the same time as the same kind of people were making a mad dash for so-called black gold, as well (oil). There would be very little lag time between this reality, and when television shows and movies took hold of the phenomenon and started making shows for the Big Screen about the people going after the gold and the dramas that sprung up as a result. All of this has culminated in PayDirt!! Slots by Real Time Gaming, which is an excellent rendition of that drama-filled portion of American history. Coming in at 5 reels and 25 paylines, PayDirt!! Pokey is certainly large enough to characterize the gold rush properly.

Some of the nuggets (see what we did there) inside are quite valuable; for example, you will locate multipliers, scatters, a random progressive jackpot and wild symbols that can triple your payout when they appear and supplant an icon to complete a winning combination. As for the background to the game, the Wild, Wild West is in full effect and the gold that you have thus far compiled is far from safe. There are bandits crawling out of the woodwork in an attempt to pilfer your stores of superior cash. The miners are of one mind to unite against these crooks, none of whom did the difficult mining work to obtain the precious nuggets. You, in particular, will follow the character named (unimaginatively, if you ask us) Miner, along with his mutt named Dog and his ass named Donkey. As you can see, a whole lot of thought went into these names!

Some of the icons on the reels should be obvious - this is a mining game, after all. Pickaxes, Torch Lights and Lanterns, Trolleys, Carts, Pans, Explosive Dynamite and Fire-sticks and more are the paying symbols if you can line up the requisite number in a row and obtain the winning combination. The oft searched-for Wild icon is the Gold Bullion or Nugget; whereas the scatter icon is PayDirt!! Game Logo. The game is free to play, too - but you cannot actually win anything if you choose this scenic route.

Gold Rush Feature Subgames in PayDirt!! Slots

These are called, in the parlance of online casino gaming, dynamic features. PayDirt! has a few of these up its sleeves, all of which can deliver free spins to the player. To get to this hallowed realm, you need to land the PayDirt!! Pokey logo at least three times; whereupon you will receive a prize that consists of a factor multiplied by your total wager. You will also be teleported to the bonus feature and find out what that consists of. Usually, it is an inlet into superior prizes that would not otherwise manifest themselves in the base normal game. For example, the titular Rush of Gold! Bonus Feature can grant the player 12 free games along with an entry ticket into the next feature. You'll know that you've landed it when Gold Bullion nuggets start showing up on various reels after your lucky spin strikes it rich.

As a part of the Dynamic Features section of PayDirt! Slots we launch into the fact that you can activate the Pick Free Games Whenever one of the PayDirt! signage is present in a threefold kind of way. Just pick between one of these and it will unlock the number of free spins with which you are endowed. Specifically, this so-called Gold Rush! Feature can deliver a dozen free spins if you land five of a kind of the scatter icon; additionally you will find that several Gold Bouillon Bars will appear on the reels in any possible position so long as the wild shows up on the reels in the base game - even if you land just five of a kind of the scattered PayDirt! Signs. After the a dozen spins - but it will not be the Pick Free Games Feature along with a chance to retrigger said feature.

The follow-up feature is known as the Gold Fever Event; if you activate retrigger this one, it will bestow an extra 5 Free Spins the present game, as well as activating the third reel and turning it to a golden reel that keeps on giving. This golden reel will then expand after the fashion of a Sticky Wild and give you opportunities Main Feature Event. The third and final member of the Dynamic Features Section is called the Strike It Lucky bonus feature; once activated, it will unveil five Gold Mines that are filled to the brim with gold nuggets. In fact, it will actually place a series of five Gold Mines from which you are then compelled to choose. Depending on which one you choose, you receive free spins. The base number of free games is 10; some of them can be replaced by a bonus icon for even more gold nuggets - translates to real money. If not, then you have to be satisfied with a virtual representation of your winnings.

Bonus Icons In PayDirt! Pokey

The substitute symbol in PayDirt! Slots is a Nugget of Gold - which will sometimes also be referred to as a Bar of Gold Bullion. It's function is to show up on reels number two and number four during a regular round of play, and in so doing make a substitution for every other icon in the game except the PayDirt! Signage scatter symbol. The Nugget of Gold wild symbol has an extra superpower in this game, in that your payout is tripled when at least one of them appears to help complete a winning combo. You can get up to two wild symbols to replace two regular symbols. As for the PayDirt! scatter Signage, five of a kind are required for you to enjoy a 200x payout consisting of a multiplication by the total wager. If you land one less for four of a kind of the PayDirt! Signage scatter icon, then your reward is 20x; and lastly for three of a kind of the PayDirt! Signage symbol you win 2x. In case you haven't figured out by now, x equals your wager.

The initial character symbol is the Brown Shed Mine; five of a kind results in a golden endowment of 10,000 game credits in the real money option; for four of a kind of the Brown Shed Mine icon your prize is 1000 game credits; three Brown Shed Mines pay you 100 game credits, and two Brown Shed Mines pay you 10 game credits. If the Nugget of Gold wild symbol appears and makes a substitution, then these payouts become a grandiose 30,000 game credits for five of a kind, or 3000 game credits for four of a kind, 300 game credits for three of a kind and 30 game credits for two of a kind on the reels. The substitute symbol clearly really makes an impression! The attendant character symbol following this one is the Mine Worker; he has a beatific smile on his face, which befits a man ready to come into a huge fortune. Five of a kind of the Mine Worker symbol pays you 2500 game credits, whereas for four of the Mine Worker icon your payout is 250 game credits, three of a kind of the Mayan Worker pays you 25 game credits, and landing two Mine Workers on the reels are worth 5 game credits. The substituting Gold trinket symbol also improves the amount you win on the pay ways, to the tune of 7500 game credits for five of a kind; 750 game credits for four of a kind, 75 game credits for three of a kind and 15 game credits for two of a kind.

What's a gold rush venture without a Bandit to try and steal away your hard-earned nuggets? Well he makes an appearance on PayDirt! Slots, and has a red bandanna covering his mouth as though it could completely hide his visage. The Gold Bandit sign, if you find five of a kind of this symbol on the reels at the same time, will pay you 1000 game credits; for four of a kind of the Gold Bandit icon you win 100 game credits; three of a kind of the Gold Bandit symbol get you 15 game credits and two of a kind is worth three game credits. Albeit reluctantly, the Nugget of Gold substitute symbol can still make a replacement and increase your payouts here. If you land five of a kind of the symbols and have one of them replaced by the Wild icon, then your reward becomes 3000 game credits; if you land for of a kind of the subject symbol and one of them gets replaced, then you win 300 game credits; landing three of a kind and having the wild make a substitution grant you 45 game credits, and landing to of a kind with a wild get you 9 game credits.

The next row of symbols starts out with a double dose of different symbols that possess the same values: the Pack Donkey and the Cart of Gold Nuggets. Five of a kind of either the Pack Donkey or the Cart of Gold Nuggets symbols get you 500 game credits; four of a kind of either one of these mouthfuls of symbols get you 50 game credits; three of a kind is worth 10 game credits, and two Pack Donkeys or two of a kind of the Cart of Gold Nuggets is still worth 2 game credits. When the wild symbol makes a substitution, you win substantially larger amounts - such that 1500 game credits are yours for five of a kind; 150 game credits belong to you if you land for of a kind with a substitution; 30 game credits is your payout for three of a kind, and 6 game credits belong to you if you still managed to land two of a kind - one of which is the wild symbol. The second batch of icons includes a Crate of Explosives and a Dog with a Gold Nugget (he's caring get in his mouth for those of you who lack a visual while reading this review). Five of a kind of one of the symbols get you 250 game credits; for four of a kind of either the Dog with a Gold Nugget symbol or four of a kind of the Crate of Explosives, your payout becomes 25 game credits; and lastly three of a kind of one of them get you 5 game credits. The Nugget of Gold substitute symbol bumps these values up to 750 game credits for five of a kind, or 75 game credits if four of a kind land on the reels and suffers a substitution; or 15 gold credits if three appear.

The final set of symbols in PayDirt! Slots includes a Pan for Panning Gold, a Purple Pickax, and a Clear Lantern. If you land a handful of any of the symbols then you receive 100 game credits; if you line up four of a kind then you receive 15 game credits; and if you get three of a kind of the Pan for Panning Gold, three of a kind of the Clear Lantern, or three of a kind of the Purple Pickax then your payout is 5 game credits. Once again, the substitute symbol works its magic by tripling your payouts if it makes a symbol replacement, to the tune of: 300 coins or game credits for five of a kind, 45 game credits for four of a kind, and 15 game credits for three of a kind. PayDirt! Slots is just one of those that you have to see to believe - download it and try your hand to see if your luck holds out.