Ocean Dreams Slots

Ocean Dreams makes a rather big claim in its very name; but if you download to try playing, you will find that you agree with it - it whisks you away to a fantastic undersea environment where you can get up a close and personal with some of the more enigmatic denizens of the deep. It's a bit bigger than the average slot, and comes in at 5 reels and 25 lines. Sporting the awesome Real time Gaming pedigree, you can be assured of its excellent gameplay and above-board payment system involving the reels and paytable (the latter can be accessed at any time during regular gameplay by bringing up the auxiliary screen).

As for game attributes that would be of particular interest to downloaders, there's a free spins bonus feature inside, as well as scatter icons that are necessary to get you there. Wild symbols make hugely beneficial alterations to your symbol combinations if they appear to replace one; you will get double the payout you would have otherwise received, in such cases.This pokey has a double dose of wild symbols for even more potential give-aways. Aside from the free spins feature, there's also a bonus feature that has the potential to unlock more and other goodies. Did we mention that Ocean Dreams Slots has two progressive jackpots? Well we just did!

The game, itself, has a strong correlation between the characters on the reels and the ocean theme - as would, frankly, be expected. The chief icon is none other than the Killer Whale (which is a misnomer, as it was actually name Whale Killer in the Spanish). If you think that great white Sharks are fearsome, then consider that the latter make like super-cavitating jets in the opposite direction when they spy a killer whale on the scene or anywhere in their vicinity. Orca is the scientific name, and they are widely-regarded as being some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. That notwithstanding, some of the other symbols include such monstrosities as the Seahorse, the poisonous blue Jelly fish that kills via ultra-venomous nematodes and is relegated to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and more. These "more" also cover the seashell, various fishes, and island beachhead and poker card suit in the fashion of coral reefs.

Wagers and Coin Denominations In Regards to Ocean Dreams

This slot has a considerable list of options when it comes to the coin denominations that you can put down. Wager as little as a penny, two, three or more on up to 10 cents in increments of a penny, after which you can then start to wager a full 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2.50 or up to the maximum of $5 per payline for you higher-rollers that don't want to waste your time with penny increments. The paylines are all variable, so you can pick a number between 1 and 25 to play at any one time. Playing the highest number translates to $125 bet on as the most possible, for one entire round. When you consider that you can land the Killer Whale symbol (the most valuable one, remember) five times simultaneously for 10,000 coins, then clearly a wager as high as $125 can easily make you quite rich - or richer, if you've got enough to be wagering $125 per hand in the first place. There's also another Killer Whale colored gold; this is the super-wild icon and can, if it replaces a lineup of five regular Killer Whales, deliver a huge win of 20,000 coins. It behooves you to know that the gold Killer Whale Orca symbol will only show up on reel 3 in the game, whereupon it can work its fiscal magic as a symbol replacement.

Ocean Dreams Slots is in possession of two progressives, which means that there's one Minor Progressive Jackpot and one Major Progressive Jackpot. The smaller one boasts a paltry $265, whereas the Major one exalts itself against nature with a considerable increase up to $5,250. Don't forget that these amounts can be won in conjunction with the symbol combination payouts that exist when you land the symbols on the reels the prescribed number of times. All of the above payouts only matter if you downloaded to play; otherwise, you will only be seeing fun money flash on the screen if you win - there will be physical payouts to your casino account. This is precisely why it is recommended that you do not tarry too long in the realm of free play, just in case you are slated to run off a lucky streak. Get the hang of the game if you must, then leave Flash and take a chance at real cash and real prizes if you dare. No obligation though, of course.

Extra-Special Icons at Play

Well you've read the title, so now let us check out if the symbols actually live up to the grandiose reference. The wild icon in Ocean Dreams Slot consists of a bevy of leaping Orcas that break the sea surface with all the majesty and power befitting the ocean's premier killer. Droves more powerful than the dolphin, and nearly just as intelligent, this symbol will make a substitution for the others and help the symbol combinations reach their full potential as a result. The bright yellow Orca shows up on the third reel to enhance our options even further by doubling the paytable value.

Another of these bonus symbols with special attributes is the scattered Island; three of these is the base number for entry into the bonus feature in the game. Since it is a All Ways Pay scatter icon, it can appear in either direction to activate these wins. The bright yellow-hued variant delivers even more prizes if it scatters and endows you with free spins. You can actually win up to 10 free spins in this way, by landing the requisite 5 max scatters on the reels simultaneously. As an added bonus, this same scatter also will multiply your wins by a factor of two.

To spice things up even more, Ocean Dreams Slot has yet another bonus feature that is guaranteed to get your juices flowing as you compete against the computer.. The name of this bonus is the Win-Win Feature, and it has a startling attribute: it activates when you have lost a set number of games in a row and in doing so, automatically ensures that your next play is a win! If you happen to lose even this bet (which takes some really bad luck), then the slot awards you an impressive 1000 times your bet, x.

A Real Treat With 3 Bonus Symbols

Ocean Dreams Slots is well known for its extremely high value substitute symbol of the Killer Orca. In fact, this is just the first of the bonus symbols; the second one is even more valuable and takes the form of a glistening Butterscotch Orca. As pertains to the first Killer Orca symbol, five of a kind delivers 10,000 nifty coins into your bank account if you play for real money and line them up accordingly. If instead you land four of a kind of the Killer Orca you win 1000 nifty coins; for three of a kind of the Killer Orca symbol your prize is 200 nifty coins, two of a kind get you 10 nifty coins and landing a single black Killer Orca substitute wild symbol on the reels is worth 2 nifty coins. If the glistening Butterscotch Orca appears and makes a substitution, then your prize payout is 20,000 nifty coins for five of a kind, 2000 nifty coins for four of a kind, and 400 nifty coins for three of a kind on the game board. Now let's get to the golden-colored Butterscotch Orca symbol itself: if it lands in the feature, then five of a kind get you 40,000 nifty coins, four of a kind get you 4000 nifty coins, three of a kind of the golden-colored Butterscotch Orca substitute symbol get you 800 nifty coins, two of a kind pays 40 nifty coins and a single Butterscotch Orca symbol is worth 8 nifty coins. Both Orca symbols can substitute for every single symbol in the game except for the Butterscotch Orca (which basically means that it cannot substitute for itself!). The golden-colored one also only shows up on the third reel during normal gameplay, and is only stopped by the Paradise Piling scatter symbol in terms of symbol replacement. You will also enjoy your prize payout being doubled in value when you complete a winning combination in which the Butterscotch Orca is involved. As for the scattered Paradise Island symbol itself, it follows the usual scenario of scatter wins being multiplied by your complete wager. For five of a kind of the Paradise Island scatter symbol your prize is 500x; for four of a kind of the Paradise Island bonus scatter symbol you win 20x; for three of a kind of the Paradise Island scatter icon your prize payout is 3x, and if you just get a couple of scatter symbols you still win whatever you wagered - x.

Ocean Dreams Deep Dive Into the Paytable

The chief character symbol is a Blackfish; five of which returns a value of 1000 nifty coins on the pay lines; if instead you land four of a kind of the Blackfish icon you win 200 nifty coins; for three of a kind of the Blackfish symbol your prize payout is 50 nifty coins, and landing to Blackfish symbols results in a 5 nifty coin recompense. If the Butterscotch Worker symbol also shows up to replace one of the symbols as the wild, then your rewards become 2000 nifty coins for five of a kind, 400 nifty coins for four of a kind, and 100 nifty coins for three of a kind on the reels. Following quickly on the heels is a Jade Seahorse symbol, five of which pays you 750 nifty coins; for four of a kind of the J Seahorse icon you win 100 nifty coins, three of a kind of the Jade Seahorse icon is worth 25 nifty coins, and two Jade Seahorse icons pays you 3 nifty coins. Once again, if you are lucky enough to land the Butterscotch Worker icon, then these payouts leap up to 1500 nifty coins for five of a kind; 200 nifty coins for four of a kind and 50 nifty coins for three. The final set of character symbols are both worth the same amounts, and thus can be grouped together in the following: five of a kind of either the Crap or the Conch Shell symbol grants you 250 nifty coins on the payout lines; for four of a kind of either icon you win 75 nifty coins, and three of a kind returns a 15 coins payout. The Butterscotch Worker symbol bumps these up to 500 nifty coins for five of a kind, 150 nifty coins for four of a kind, and 30 nifty coins for three of a kind. Once again, the Butterscotch Orca wild symbol appears to make a substitution for this double set of character symbols. When it does appear, it pays you 500 nifty coins if five symbol show up and it replaces a single one, or 150 nifty coins for four of a kind and 30 nifty coins for three of a kind.

The world-famous table game poker also drops in on this Pokey known as Ocean Dreams Slots. The King and the Ace cards appear and deliver the same payouts per symbol combination. That is to say, that five of a kind of the King or the Ace card get you 150 nifty coins; for four of a kind you win 20 nifty coins, and three of a kind of the King or the Ace card pays you 5 nifty coins. The Butterscotch Orca delivers 300 nifty coins for five of a kind if it replaces one of the poker card symbols; or 40 nifty coins for four of a kind, and 10 nifty coins for three. Next up we have some coral-reef-wreathed Joker and Queen cards; five of a kind pays you 125 nifty coins, four of a kind of the Joker or the Queen card get you 20 nifty coins, and three of a kind is worth 5 nifty coins. The Butterscotch Killer Will symbol shows up to recompense you 250 nifty coins for five of a kind, 40 nifty coins for four of a kind, and 10 nifty coins if you land three of a kind on the reels. The final 10 and 9 poker cards get you 100 nifty coins if five of either one shows up, or 20 nifty coins for four of a kind, or 5 nifty coins for three of a kind. The substitute symbol makes these values increase to 200 nifty coins for five of a kind, 40 nifty coins for four of a kind and 10 nifty coins for three of a kind. You should consider downloading the software to play Ocean James Slots; who knows - maybe the cash and prizes you might win are a dream come true.