Mystic Dragon Slots

Here comes a pokey from some place that you have likely not heard from unless you've traveled far and wide in cyberspace, playing as many online casino games as you have time during the day: Merkur Interactive. This casino house is the brainchild behind the magnificent Mystic Dragon slots, which has 5 reels and just a handful of paylines. Yep - you read that right: 5 reels, 5 paylines. It's hard to classify such a pokey, other than to beckon you to trust our first-hand experience with it: playing it was a dream. It is a fully-immersive video slot with an exceptional storyline that takes you back to the wondrous Game of Throne years and the wonders of Westeros, when magic reigned and political intrigue saw the fall of countless noblemen and even more of the common-folk. In Merkur Interactive's Mystic Dragon Slots, there's no political intrigue to be had here, since there's a distinct lack of people - this one's all about those great winged beasts that dominated the airways in a time before the jumbo jet. The landscape reigns supreme in this slot, and is marked with spooky forests and dragons in mid-flight. Watching them on the slot, it occurs to you that the iron muscles beneath those wings cannot possibly run on chemical fuel as paltry as mere calories, to hold such a great beast aloft. Even more impressively, what manner of material composes their stomachs and esophagus, that roaring flames can issue forth without harming them. The graphics are so elite that you may have a hard time believing that Mystic Dragon Slots came out way back in 2011 - over a decade ago and counting. More than virtually any other slot that we've ever played, Mystic Dragon is like a story unfolding in real life. It nonetheless remains a romp through a realm of fantasy and loses none of its verve in trying to make itself known in the real world. Winning in this game, like with almost every other slot, is predicated on lining up symbols so as to get the winning combination payouts listed on the paytable.

Mystic Dragon Pokey Gaming Method

Although you can play the free version, if you actually want a shot at winning some real cash, then downloading is the only option: the following breakdown is for those who wish to do the latter. The coin amounts that you can use start at just $0.05 and increase in increments on up to $10.00 per payline - which is a big number. Since, however, there are only 5 paylines, you shouldn't expect for this pokey to be referred to as a high roller slot however. It can be just as laid-back in either mode, though, since there's still an Auto Mode button that can be depressed, while you the player sits back and relaxes. All wins courtesy of the regular icons pay in one direction; wins that involve the scatter icon pay in both possible directions and are multiplied by the total bet, If you happen to win on different paylines, but these wins are coincident, then these wins are additive and you get them all bound together as a single win. Despite all the novelty involved in this pokey, it presents the same old familiar 5 x 3 grid to make you comfortable trying your hand at it. In case you would rather take an active role in your own game, and wish to eschew the Auto Mode, then there are bet line buttons on either side of the central "Spin" button. You can place a wager quite easily by using the named buttons. The game helps you keep track of everything (your balance, the number of lines that you are currently playing, and more) right on the screen with various boxes listing the figures. In the next section before the symbol combos, we will get an introduction to the most important icons in the game.

What Are the Icons Like in Mystic Dragon?

On the gaming board, you will find icons as varied as a gnarled magic tree root, a Morningstar weapon, a dragon's fearsome visage, the head of the same dragon, an oval board made of wood and a mountainous wild icon that can supplant others to aid in the winning of combinations and the payouts associated with these combos. The sole symbol that is completely resistant to the wild's attributes is the scattered Roaring Dragon card. It had better provide something akin to or better than what the wild substitution would otherwise provide, too - and it does: The scattered Snarling Dragon is the symbol that transports you to the Mystic Dragon Slots special bonus game features. The Wild icon only activates on the second, third and fourth reels right smack in the center of the game, and it has the awesome attribute of doubling the payout values; if two or more appear to replace a regular symbol, you could totally see a geometric increase in your earnings. The Snarling Dragon Scatter symbol, on the other hand, multiplies your wager for as few as two of a kind appearing. The more; the merrier - if you get a full house of Roaring Dragon symbols then the top win of 500x is all yours to keep. Even with all of these payouts, the Mystic Dragons scatter symbol still unlatches the Mystic Dragon Bonus Feature s long as you are blessed enough to land the minimum three of a kind entry amount. If you are successful in landing the required number (this is a game of chance, so it's not really up to you - but the more you play, the more likely it is). The number of free games jumps up to 7 if you land Roaring Dragon Scatters, and this becomes 15 free games with four of a kind, along with the maximum 100 free games with a complete flush of five Roaring Dragon symbols. If the Mystic Dragons Wild icons make an appearance during any of these free games, then not only are the prizes you win doubled in value, but the wild will expand to cover the entire reel, and can be triggered again.

The Mystic Dragons of Game of Thrones

Dragons are central to the legends of Game of Thrones which, although the enormously-popular series was mostly about the deadly politics of Westeros, also featured healthy amounts of audience-grabbing magic. Danaeris and her dragons ruled the skies of the Seven Kingdoms, and brought back viewers time and again to tune in and try to guess what would happen next in this strange and deadly land where the chilling scream of human rage comingles with the fierce roar of arcane magic beasts that block the sun when they take to the skies. The legendary dragons feature quite strongly in this game, and their majestic flight patterns are apparent on the game board whether you play for real money or for virtual cash that only shows up on the screen but never leaves for your bank account. This is why it's advisable not to play for free for too long, so that you do not win a big allotment that ultimately counts for naught.

Mystic Dragon Symbol Combination Numbers

The Scriptures of Mystic Dragon Slots describe the dragons in tremendous detail, and you will quickly come to find that they've got some serious powers on the game board. For example, the Blue Dragon symbol serves to make substitutions as the wild icon, and although it only shows up on the second, third and fourth reels, you can substitute for virtually any other icon in the game using this one. The only icon that is immune to substitution is the scattered Volcano. Blue Dragon shows up, additionally, all your payout prizes are doubled in value with a 2x multiplier so long as there's a winning combination that results from the substitution. As for the scatter Volcano symbol, it performs as usual: all wins involving the scatter symbol are multiplied by your total bet. Indeed, if you managed to land five of a kind of the scatter Volcano symbol, then you will enjoy a whopping 500x win; where the variable x equals your aforementioned wager made at the start of the game. If instead you land four of a kind of the scatter Volcano symbol, your payout is 10x; for three of a kind of the scatter Volcano your payout is 2x, and for two of a kind of the scatter Volcano symbol you simply get your wager x back into your casino account.

The Sword Knight is also known as the Silver Warrior symbol; if you get a handful to complete the reels, then your payout reward is 2500 game credits; for four of a kind of the Silver Warrior symbol you win 1000 game credits, for three of a kind of the Silver Warrior you get 150 game credits, and for two Silver Warrior symbols you receive 10 game credits. If you are lucky enough to get a single wild Mystic Blue Dragon symbol to replace one of the Silver Warriors, then your payout becomes an incredible 20,000 game credits for five of a kind - we don't pink we've ever seen such a huge jump up in value with a wild helping you complete a winning combination!. Even for four of a kind with the wild symbol replacement, you still win an incredible 8000 game credits. As you will see, the value-jump runs similarly with all of the symbols when the wild Mystic Blue Dragon descends on to the scene. Next we have the Brunette Princess symbol, which for five of a kind pays you 1500 game credits; for four of a kind of the Kingdoms Brunette Princess symbol you win 750 game credits, for three of a kind of the Brunette Princess - who shines in the flower of her youth - icon your prize is 50 game credits, and for two of a kind of the Brunette Princess you win 5 game credits. With the wild Blue Dragon substitution, these values once again see that incredible leap up to 12,000 game credits for five of a kind, and 6000 game credits for four of a kind on the reels.

The Castle Grounds is the third character symbol in terms of value and position. Landing a handful of the Castle Grounds symbols get you 1000 game credits; landing four of the Castle Grounds get you 250 game credits, landing three of a kind of the Castle Grounds symbols get you 20 game credits, and two Castle Grounds are worth 3 game credits. The substituting Blue Dragon gets these numbers up to 8000 game credits for five of a kind, 2000 game credits for four of a kind - and that it; there are no wild-supported payouts for landing three of a kind or two of a kind in this game. The final set of character symbols includes and Open Treasure Chest of Gold Trinkets, as well as an Open Parchment; five of a kind of these icons pay 300 game credits, whereas four of a kind of these icons are worth 50 game credits, three of a kind of the Treasure or the Scroll pays you 10 game credits, and two of them pays you 2 game credits. The substitute symbol improves these two 2400 game credits for five of a kind, and 400 game credits for four of a kind. Not bad at all, if you ask us.

We will shortly be concluding this review, but of course we have to go through the poker card suits. For the Queen, King, and the Ace poker card suit symbols, landing five of a kind of either rewards you with 150 game credits; landing four of a kind of any of these rewards you with 40 game credits, and three of them get you 5 game credits. The formidable Blue Dragon goes wild to improve these rewards to 1200 game credits for five of a kind, and 320 game credits for four of a kind. In conclusion, the final satchel of paying symbols is the 9, the 10 and the Jack poker card suit; five of a kind pays you 100 game credits, four of the Joker, 10 or 9 pays you 25 game credits, and three of a kind pays you 5 game credits. The wild symbol ratchets these values update hundred game credits for five of a kind and 200 game credits for four of a kind. Hopefully we've taken some of the mysticism out of Mystic Dragon Slots; at least enough for you to pull the trigger and download the casino software to fully enjoy the real money payouts that are possible. Download today.