Loose Caboose Slots

Loose Caboose Slots

Loose Caboose Slots is one heck of an opportunity to have some fun while gaming for cash and prizes. The tap into the latter, you would need to download this casino software and help on this desert fortune train as it careens towards the horizon to locate treasures long-lost by the bandits of yesteryear. Purchase your ticket (in a virtual sense, of course) from the Train Conductor and parade through the many caboose is attached to the train car in search of great payouts and fantastic prices. You will quickly find that it's no wonder that Loose Caboose Slots is one of the top pokies chosen by US gamers at the various online casinos that are legal in the American jurisdiction.

The train is leaving the station as you begin the game, and you'll find that with 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you got a lot option when it comes to betting. You can keep all the pay ways active at once, or very your activity by leaving some dormant and keeping some receptive to receiving coins at the waging lines. Speaking of coins, the lowest amount you can wager is $0.01, and the most you can wager is $5.00 for an entire single turn. As a sidenote, you can also just hit the Auto Play button and have the game continue running for a solid 1000 spins before it needs to be pressed again if that is your desire.

As for a few of the rules before we add to the special bonus icons, the highest combinations are rewarded on each active pay line once the round is concluded - this does not include, however, any wins that come about as a result of scatter icon combinations. The most you can win in Loose Caboose Slots is 50,000 times your wager, and the symbols that are responsible for doing so will pay you in the left to right arrowed direction as shown on the game board at the bottom of the screen. Remember the special scatter symbol we mentioned earlier, and how it seems to have different abilities and all of the other symbols? Well it displays itself in the fact that it also pays in the right to left direction as well as the regular reading direction. You will find out more specifically in this review.

Train Car Special Bonus Icons

Quite possibly the most interesting symbol in the game is front-and-center now with the wild icon taking the form of the Chubby Engineer who is rather decidedly rosy-cheeked and erstwhile. He is capable of supplanting almost all the other symbols in the game to help you the gamer complete a winning payline. The only symbol that can't be supplanted by the Chubby Engineer wild icon is the scattered Train Caboose Car. since it has its own powers, we will first investigate what the wild can accomplish if Lady Luck pays the real money gamer a visit. Five of a kind of the Chubby Engineer symbol warrants a gigantic 5000 gold coin reward, and four of a kind of the Chubby Engineer is worth 50 gold coins, with three of a kind of the Chubby Engineer getting the gamer a solid 50 gold coins, and the final symbol combination for which a payout is slated on the paytable of two of a kind garnering 5 gold coins. The Engineer symbol also triples your payouts if it appears in tow with the other symbols to complete a winning combo.

The scattered Train Caboose Car, on the other hand, when it shows up it is multiplied by the total wager placed on the payline at the start. The relevant variable is denoted as "x", and is your wager in terms of the available coin denominations that you chose. If five of the Train Caboose Car appears on the reels, then you win 200x your wager variable x; if instead the number on the gameboard is four of a kind of the Train Caboose Car, then you receive 20x your wager x at the beginning of the current game. Three Train Caboose Car icons get the player 2x your wager x, and landing two of a kind of the Train Caboose Car is worth 1x your wager x. All scattered Train Caboose Car wins can proceed in both directions, as Loose Caboose slots qualifies as an All Ways Pay pokey.

Loose Caboose Winning Icon Combinations

We have finally arrived at the most sought-after section: the symbol combination payouts - at least, this is true for the real money gamer. Even the virtual gamer can get excited about this section, since it affords them an opportunity to become familiar with the Return to Player (RTP) and Hit Frequency values in case they wish to try their hand at the real money version in the future. Okay let's begin then with the Cerulean Blue Train that is highly reminiscent of the Little Engine that could - that famous story that capture all of our imaginations as young children if we grew up in the Western Hemisphere. Landing five of a kind of the Cerulean Blue Train car gets you an impressive 2500 gold coins; four of the Cerulean Blue Train car is worth 500 gold coins, three of a kind of the Cerulean Blue Train car pays 25 gold coins and two of a kind is worth 3 gold coins on the payout lines.

In the middle realm, holding it down and making the real money game worth your time (arguably; as there is no obligation to download now - the virtual option is free to play in your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser on your mobile device or your desktop computer) is the Serious Train Conductor symbol. If five of these descend onto the reels at the same time then your payout is 1000 gold coins; four of a kind of the Serious Train Conductor symbol gets you 250 gold coins, three of a kind is worth 15 gold coins and two of the Serious Train Conductor symbol pays 2 gold coins. Right in tow with this one is his Pretty Southern Belle Passenger who, for five of her lovely self showing up on the reels (and hopefully in his cabin), warrants a 1000 gold coin payout. If four of a kind of the Pretty Southern Belle Passenger icon shows up, then this delivers 250 gold coins; whereas three Pretty Southern Belle Passengers pay out 15 gold coins and two of her self gets you 2 gold coins.

The next icon is represented by a Green Purse of Jewels; for five of these wealthy bags you get 500 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Green Purse of Jewels the prize is 100 gold coins, three Green Purse of Jewels pays out 10 gold coins to bring the combination payouts to a conclusion for this particular symbol. Coming along smoothly right on its heels is a Pair of Tickets; five of a kind of this Pair of Tickets symbols get you 500 gold coins. Four of these Pair of Tickets symbols are worth 100 gold coins; three of these Pair of Tickets symbols pay ou 10 gold coins. To conclude this section we check out the symbol combo payline values for the lower-paying poker emblems. The Ace, King and Queen each have the same values and five of either results in 250 gold coins; four of a kind of either results in a 50 gold coin reward and three of a kind pays you 5 gold coins. The second and final collection of symbols consists of the Poker emblems Joker, 10 and 9. For five of either, your prize on the paylines is 250 gold coins; for four of a kind of either you win 25 gold coins and for three of a kind you garner a solid 5 gold coins. All of the above icons except for the scatter pay in one direction - left to right.

Loose Caboose Pokey Features

The Cash Train Feature is first and foremost here, and it comes into view when you land at least three of a kind of the scattered Cerulean Train Caboose Car on the reels. This only applies if the Cerulean Train Caboose Car shows up in normal games - not if it appears during the bonus rounds courtesy of the scatter or wild symbols unlocking these features. As for some of the other properties of the Cash Train Feature, keep an eye out for the fact that the train itself can dominate the board by careening across the reels to uncover the amount of moolah behind the symbols on the top row only. Some of these benefits are bonus icons and others are strait-away free spins.If luck would have it, the Cash Train can continue careening until it unlocks more adjacent rows of symbols for the multiplier attributes underneath it. Once it finally vacates the screen with its roaring engine, then any free games that you might have won are activated and you can begin playing them to see what you win.

If you get really lucky, then perhaps the gold bonus icons will start to show for even better wins. These work in conjunction with the Caboose Engineer to combine and improve your payouts dramatically. For the wins to really start rolling in for the lucky player, you need the Cerulean Caboose Train Car to depart the station and potentially usher in 5 extra spins that can be retriggered.Now we get to the Progressive Jackpots which, if memory serves, The chief attribute of this one is that the associated prizes are eligible to be won at the conclusion of any random round of normal gameplay. Once again, the Progressive Jackpot can be activated at random, so you're never completely out of the running to get it no matter how the game has been going up till that point. Should you be lucky enough to garner cash from a winning combination on your way to the Progressive Jackpot, then the latter prize is added to your payout for a truly whopping win. This should certainly be an enticing enough review to get you to give it a spin, right?! Go ahead and download the software so you can play Betsoft Gaming's Loose Caboose Slots for some certified cash and prizes opportunities.