London Inspector Slots

London Inspector Slots

With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, you can expect loads of fun with Real Time Gaming's London Inspector Slots - which used to be called Sherlock Holmes pokey for obvious reasons went you take a gander at the symbols on the reels. You will enjoy the symbol combination payouts to come later, as well as the sheer gaming pleasure if you choose to play the free virtual option on your mobile device or desktop - just make sure you have an appropriate browser that can support the Adobe Flash program for smooth gameplay.

As pertains to betting, you should keep an eye out for the Golden Lantern, the Magnifying Glass and the Metal Pipe for the top icons that payout well. You can wager as little as 0.01 game credits to start things off, or as much as 5.00 game credits per line midway through or even at the beginning if you like. It all depends on whether you consider yourself a low rollers I highroller in this thing. The most you can wager on any game or spin is 125.00 game credits. The London Inspector Pokey scatter icon is extra-special in that it can pay you in the right to left direction or the left to right direction when it shows up for the win in the right combinations. All of the rest of the symbols can only pay in the single regular direction, however.

London Inspector's Special Bonus Feature?

London Inspector Slots is of a larger than average size, and because of this it's got plenty of winning combinations lurking within the gameboard. The 5 reels and 25 paylines spoken of earlier is the perfect size for a pokey - especially when all the pay ways are variable and there are a dozen possible coin denominations. The scatter symbols, wild symbols and free spins that can be had inside are seriouses bonus items courtesy of the download option; although you can still get them in the free virtual mode of play, it certainly isn't quite as fun since they can't amount to anything real (i.e, money and prizes!). Furthermore, the progressive jackpot is also one hell of an enticing attribute to convince or encourage you to play for real money. London Inspector Slots takes after the chief investigator of all time for our parent country the United Kingdom; Sherlock Holmes would not approvingly at the cerebral atmosphere which belongs in a book club. The office is modeled after the late 18th century or the early 19th century, with a London Doorman situated to the top right hand side of the game board watching you intently as you spin those reels.

As you are well aware of if you've played online casino games for any length of time, the scatter symbol and wild symbols are the bonus options that can really get the game going in your favor if you get lucky. In this particular outing, the London Inspector Free Spins Option is activated when the London Inspector icon appears on the third, fourth or fifth reels; if this happens, it can award you free games depending on the number of them that you can land simultaneously. For three of a kind of the London Inspector icon, your reward is a handful of free spins; for four of a kind of the London Inspector icon your reward is 10 free spins, and for the highest possible total of five of a kind of the London Inspector scatter icon you win 15 free spins. All of the spins can be played at the pay lines of the activated game (that is to say, the triggered game in which you placed a bet). Additionally, there is a re-triggering aspect to this feature; so long as the Free Spins Feature is activated, if the London Inspector scatter symbol shows up spontaneously, then you can win a handful of free games at any point in time during the progression of the free feature. Somewhat surprisingly, all your payout rewards during the Free Spins Feature are tripled in value when attended by the London Inspector scatter symbol.

Now that were done elucidating the powers of the scatter symbol, let's go on to the London Inspector wild icon - this is represented by the Bronze Medallion Watch. The symbol also can help you triple your payouts if it makes a symbol replacement in the process of completing a winning combination in the regular game; it also shows up in the London Inspector Special Bonus Feature to really wreak havoc on the reels (to your benefit, of course!). To find out more about exactly what it does, we will delve into the symbol combination payout values in the section to come shortly. The Auto play is something for you laid-back gamers; you can just input the number of spins you want the game to make automatically, sit back, and relax. The Progressive Jackpot in this Pokey is eligible to be grabbed at the conclusion of any particular game if you are lucky enough to win in the first place. It is, of course, a randomly-triggered Progressive; whatever you want to that point is simply added to the progressive jackpot - instead of being replaced by, as is the case with many other Slots from other gaming houses.

London Inspector Icons: What Does the Payout Table Have to Offer?

Let's the first to do the London Inspector top symbol with the police officer or investigator looking at the moon on a starry night. If you're capable of luckily landing five of a kind of the London Inspector symbol on the reels simultaneously, then your prize payout is 75 game credits represented by the x variable. If instead, for four of a kind of the London Inspector icon in the game you win 10 game credits; for three of a kind of the London Inspector icon your prize is 2 game credits, and if you land either two of a kind of the London Inspector icon or a single London Inspector icon, then you win nothing at all.

Now we check out the trickle-down effect with the newer symbols paying out in straight game credits or gold coins - instead of the variable x in your wager. The four payout, of course, still depends on the coin denomination you chose in the real money version of the game at the beginning. The London Inspector Police Hat is the symbol in question now, and five of a kind of the returns a payout value of 4000 gold coins. Next up, for four of a kind of the London Inspector police hat symbol you win 500 gold coins; for three of a kind of the London Inspector police hat symbol your prize payout is 100 gold coins, for two of a kind of the London Inspector police hat icon you win 5 gold coins, and for two of a kind of the police hat symbol your prize is 2 gold coins. The second symbol in the same vein looks to be a Golden Telephone Box - we have no idea the significance of such an arcane and wealthy symbol in this game! Nonetheless, for five of a kind of the Golden Telephone Box icon your prize is 1250 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Golden Telephone Box symbol your prize is 250 gold coins, three of a kind of the Golden Telephone Box pays you 50 gold coins, and two of a kind of the Golden Telephone Box symbol is worth a handful of gold coins in the game. You do not receive a payout for landing just a single Golden Telephone Box symbol.

We have a London Inspector police badge and a London Inspector magnifying glass as the next symbols which are bunched together because they possess the same symbol combination payout numbers. For five of a kind of either icon your prize is 400 gold coins; for four of a kind of the London Inspector magnifying glass for the London Inspector police badge icons you win 50 gold coins, for three of a kind you win 20 gold coins to conclude the available payout on the pay table for these particular symbols. There are no payouts for getting two of a kind are one-of-a-kind.

The final symbols are poker-derived, and begin with the Ace and King; for five of a kind of the King or Ace you win 200 gold coins; for four of a kind of the King or the Ace poker representatives you win 30 gold coins, and for three of a kind of the King or the Ace symbols you are applied with 10 gold coins into your casino account. The next couple of symbols includes the Queen and the Joker; five of a kind of the Queen or the Joker symbol gets you 100 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Joker or the Queen you are shuttled 20 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Joker or the Queen gets you 5 gold coins. Rounding out the bunch comes the 10 and 9 on the heels of the trail of paying symbols in London Inspector Slots. For five of a kind of these just-mentioned numbers, your prize is a modest 25 gold coins; for four of a kind of the 9 and 10 you win 10 gold coins and lastly for three of a kind you win 5 gold coins. So why don't you don your reasonable facsimile of a London Inspector police had and download the casino software to get fully into the game - who knows you just might win.